Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Dress inspiration

A few weeks back I was on the hunt for the perfect holiday dress. I wanted something with bows and sashes, vintage or even vintage inspired would do but the bottom line was it had to be over the top AMAZING! I even gave myself permission to spend a bit more then I normally would because if you find something truly beautiful you'll find excuses to wear it thus making the investment justifiable. Then a funny thing happened, I scoured all my favorite spots but nothing quite stood up to the image in my head. On a whim I went to Kate Spades website and found these images:

Now that I could do! Lord knows I have a million little black dresses and as luck would have it I also own red stockings! Whats that you say? An excuse to buy more costume jewlery? Dont mind if i do!

So I suppose the moral of this silly story is that often its not a new dress you need but rather a new perspective on what you have...

PS I wore my fancy getup to the Flickr holiday party at photobooth where they took these fun tin type photos!

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