Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My future apartment

While I adore my apartment in the sunny Duboce triangle lately I've been craving a change of scenery. Am not sure how it will take shape but I have a feeling it will be amazing. So if any of you or someone you know are looking for a charming tenant for your 1 bedroom look no further. In anticipation of this amazing spot I've already picked out colors.... The first is a moody black for the bathroom.

Next up is the living room. Actually I already have this grey in my current room. You honestly can't go wrong with that shade and I have the perfect yellow couch to go beneath a gallery wall.

I'm pretty set on the kitchen color above which came from Drew Barymore's LA office but my number two choice would be the one below which Abigail Adhern designed for her sister.

Am off to bed to dream about my future home....