Monday, September 5, 2011

Let the color wars begin...

I'm a firm believer that our creative impulses are generally rooted in deeper emotional states of being. Thus I was amused to see that the color schemes i've been attracted to lately are drastically different. Part of me loves the idea of a soft feminine pink room. The kind of sunny, inviting and almost indulgent room you never want to leave. Then the other side of me wants to paint my future space a dark and moody grey ala the always daring Abigail Adhern. The kind of room that forces you to take notice and says "love me or leave me." And this is of course exactly how I've been feeling lately. Part of me wants to nest - read novels, take naps in the sun and eat ice cream all day. Meanwhile, another part of me is dying for some action and adventure. In any case enjoy the feast for the eyes. Will keep you posed on my internal battles.

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