Thursday, April 14, 2011


So it all started with this picture... The lovely Meghan Rand sent it over as a daily door for my other blog. Something about the picture sparked my imagination. The cobalt blue against the green just popped in a magical way. A few days later I saw this on a Swedish blog...

Then I saw these images on a travel blog about Shanghai....
Obviously, its undeniable that color is everywhere, especially when you live in an urban setting. However, I think what really caught my eye about these images was that we've been living in such a neutral world of design for the last ten years. Their is no denying that their is a time and a place for neutrals but lately I've been dying for some bright bursts of color to disrupt the beige landscape and frankly I think that time has come. Below is a great image of one of the Ace Hotels latest ventures. I love the bright bursts of color against the black subway tiles. It's both bold and playful all at once.
There's my favorite green once again - this time popping up at an LA burger house (if anyone knows the name of it please let me know - I've got to get better at labeling my pictures). So it looks like I've got my next color scheme picked out now all I need is the business to pay me to do it.

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